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Salesforce Associate Certification Guide And Tips

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The Salesforce Associate Certification exam is designed for entry-level individuals interested in Salesforce. It demonstrates your initiative and readiness to enter the Salesforce ecosystem.


Who’s the Ideal Candidate for Salesforce Associate Certification?

The ideal candidate for the certification is anyone with zero to six months of Salesforce experience. The certification focuses on validating foundational knowledge necessary for a Salesforce career.

The ideal candidate should also have the skills to solve business problems using the Salesforce platform.

Even if you have no existing experience, this certification is suitable for you. It's a great exam to take before pursuing the Salesforce Administrator Certification.

What are the Key Topics for Salesforce Associate Certification?

You have the option to take the exam online from home with a proctor monitoring through a webcam or at an authorized testing center.

The exam consists of 40 questions, and you'll have 70 minutes to complete it. To pass, you need a score of 62%, and the exam fee is $75 with free retakes.

The exam covers topics such as understanding Salesforce, its purpose, and how it solves business needs. It is divided into four sections, each with a specific weightage:

1. Salesforce Ecosystem: 32% In the Salesforce ecosystem section you'll be tested on your knowledge of the Salesforce product suite. Please focus on the followings:

  • Salesforce values

  • Trailhead

  • Trailblazer Community

  • Playground management

  • Salesforce for nonprofits

  • Salesforce instances, architecture, and career paths

2. Navigation: 28% The navigation section, assesses your ability to find information within Salesforce, such as licenses, company details, and org settings. Please focus on the followings:

  • AppExchange

  • Search solutions

  • Org settings

  • Data organization

  • User management

  • List views

  • Lightning App Builder

  • Personalization

3. Data Model: 25% The data model section tests your understanding of Salesforce architecture. Please focus on the followings:

  • Standard objects

  • Object customization

  • Object relationships

  • Account and contact relationships

  • Schema builder

  • Lead and opportunity management

  • Data security

  • Custom fields

  • Formulas and validations

  • Permission set groups

4. Reports and Dashboards: 15% Finally, the reports and dashboards section focuses on utilizing reports and dashboards. Please focus on the followings:

  • Creating reports and dashboards

  • Report types and formats

  • Joined reports

  • Report filters

  • Dynamic dashboards

How to Study For Associate Certification?

To study for the certification effectively, you should follow the main steps below as your plan.

  1. Join online Associate free courses like SFDIFY to gain support and guidance.

  2. Complete Associate trailmix on trailhead. By completing the trailmix you'll have the knowledge to pass this entry-level certification exam.

  3. Take practice exams and analyze your performance.

To summarize, the Salesforce Associate Certification is a valuable starting point for your Salesforce career. It validates foundational Salesforce knowledge and doesn't need much practical or technical expertise.

The exam covers Salesforce ecosystem, navigation, data model, and reports and dashboards. Start your journey by enrolling in a free Salesforce Associate Certification program with SFDIFY.



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