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Terms & Conditions

1. Enrollment Agreement Language: If English is not the student's primary language and they are unable to understand the terms and conditions of the enrollment agreement, the student has the right to receive a clear explanation of the terms, conditions, cancellation policies, and refund policies in their primary language.


2. Location: Each student will be provided with an attendance link to access the program.


3. Certificate of Completion: Upon fulfilling all program requirements, including completing the course material, submitting and receiving approval for the final project, and fulfilling all financial obligations, the student will be awarded a certificate of completion.


4. "NOTICE CONCERNING TRANSFERABILITY OF CREDITS AND CREDENTIALS EARNED AT OUR INSTITUTION": The transferability of credits earned at Sfdify to another institution is not guaranteed. The decision regarding the acceptance and transfer of credits rests with the receiving institution.


5. Admissions Requirements: Prior to starting the program, students must attend or watch the Salesforce Bootcamp Intro Course as outlined in the Sfdify Catalog. Incomplete assignments for the Intro Course may result in a delay or cancellation of the student's program enrollment, at the sole discretion of Sfdify.


6. Computer Hardware & Software Requirements: Students are required to bring a laptop computer that meets the minimum requirements specified in the Sfdify Catalog.


7. Career Services: Sfdify provides career and interview preparation services. However, it does not guarantee employment or specific income levels for any student.


8. Attendance: The courses at Sfdify are intensive and require consistent attendance and dedication. Students who do not meet the attendance requirements, as defined in the Sfdify catalog, may be dismissed from the program. Students should also be prepared for an expected commitment of approximately 20 hours per week for out-of-class assignments.

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